Associação Comercial do Porto is the natural partner for your company. A catalyst of ideas and a facilitator of contacts, it works actively to improve the framework of business and institutional cooperation in the region.

The recognized status of Chamber of Commerce and Industry allows it to assure a set of valences and functions delegated by the Portuguese State, namely in the ambit of corporate formalities and commercial arbitration.

The collaboration protocols that it establishes with universities and other entities of the region are the base to promote information and training activities and to accomplish studies about structuring themes.

Watchful over the lack of transparency in numerous markets, the Associação Comercial acts through a net of international contacts, representing institutionally the corporate interests of the region and supporting the companies in the expansion of their business.

Visit the new website of the Commercial Arbitration Institute:

Fundamental area for the judicial safety of national and international commercial acts, the notorial and registral activity has the aim of granting public faith in the extrajudicial acts.

Under the terms of Decree-Law n.º 35/2000 and Ministerial Dispatch 82/2002, it is a specialized notary service, naturally oriented towards commercial acts of companies and businesses to which in the past few years new competence has been associated.

At the notary office of Associação Comercial do Porto the following subjects can be handled:

– Public deeds with intervention of legal persons

– Recognitions

– Power of attorney

– Authentications

‘- Certificates or similar documents

– On the Spot Firm

– On the Spot Association

– On the Spot Branch

– Vehicle registration

– Commercial registration

– Issuance and renewal of Citizen’s card

‘- Issuance and renewal of PEP

‘- Renewal of Driving License

– Ready House

– Heritage desk (qualification of heirs, sharing the marital heritage, sharing by death)

Find us at Rua João das Regras, nº 284 Rés-do-chão, sala 4
4000-291 Porto
Telephone: 222 076 960
Email : 

Opening hours to the public: 9:00/12:30 – 13:30/16:00

Supported by a vast net of national and international contacts, Associação Comercial do Porto provides to its associate members economical counselling in areas such as:

– Identification of business partners / Business Matching

– Statistical and economical support information for corporate activity

– Information about incentive systems

– Monitoring of business missions


The area formalities and certification of this department is responsible for the emission of support documents for international trade so that, by conferring an additional degree of security and reliability to the merchandise they accompany, a value is added to these transactions.

In the ambit of the tasks delegations by the Portuguese Government, Associação Comercial do Porto enables the following documents:

  • Certificates of Origin, ATA Carnets and Visas
  • Emission of declarations of plain activity and declarations of free sale

Apart from its central services, at the Palácio da Bolsa, the Centre of Formalities and Certification also has a delegation in Leça da Palmeira, by the mobile bridge, where the required documents can also be picked up.

Rua Hintze Ribeiro, Nº 553 (by the mobile bridge)

4450-693 Leça da Palmeira

Tel: 223399000


Palácio da Bolsa

Tel 223399068/ 223399022

Fax 223399090

Emails: /



Who can obtain the Certificate of Origin?
Any firm legally established in Portuguese territory, or based in an EU country.
How to proceed?
Fill in the form provided, according to the instructions below.
At the time of withdrawal of the Certificate, the following documents must be submitted:
– copy of the export invoice;
– document proving the dispatch of the goods;
– copy of the invoice for the purchase of the goods in portugal (if it is a company domiciled in the EU).
How to complete the application?
Information to be provided in each of the tables:
Table 1 – Name and address of consignor.
Table 2 – Name and address of importer.
Table 3 – Country of origin of the goods.
Table 4 – Means of transport.
Table 5.0 – Taxpayer’s number and tel. contact information
Table 6 – Trademarks and description of exported goods.
Table 7 – Weights or quantities.
Table 8 – Claimant (if not the consignor).
Table 10 – Invoice value in the respective currency and number of routes intended.
The Certificate requested by this route may be withdrawn on the same day.
Prices in force:
The issue fee of the Certificate of Origin is € 30, plus a toll on the invoice amount

The Associação Comercial do Porto owns the magazine “O Tripeiro”, a cult publication about Porto, edited since 1908.

For more information about the magazine O Tripeiro here.

The Palácio da Bolsa, national monument and headquarters of the Associação Comercial do Porto, is a privileged space to hold events with Excellency as an attribute.

The available spaces offer unique conditions to hold reunions, concerts, general meetings, receptions, congresses and expositions amongst others. Catering services, decoration and audiovisual equipment by credentialed companies are also made available.